Almost half of the consumers prefers to buy online instead of going to the stores.

Almost half of the consumers prefers to buy online instead of going to the stores.

According to a study by the prestigious company IBM, 43% of people prefer to buy through the web.

The amenities of shopping from home are undeniable. It is not necessary to go to the store, or go looking and comparing products through the halls. There is even the risk of going to the store and not finding the product that you were looking for.

Consumers will always be looking for the easiest and most convenient way to purchase the product that they want, and that is where a company must be competitive. Consumers are becoming aware of what technology can offer them when they are shopping, and making them more demanding.


A webshop is with no doubt the best option to suit the needs of today’s customer and provide them the best service to buy online.

Furthermore, the loyalty is very important, and when having a webshop, it is possible to monitor what your customers are buying, making it easier to offer similar products, specify promotions and make a better forecast of your inventory and in addition, the customers can buy your products 24/7 and everything is automated.

Creating a virtual store has numerous advantages for your business, but one of the most important benefits is of course a higher sale.

When considering having a webshop in relation with the investment to build it, the return of investment is short, also remembering that no labour is involved when a purchase is made online.

The best way to monetize this investment, and to have an online store adapted to your needs and consumer taste, it is vital to work with good professionals: See what other work they have done, are they easy to contact when needed, are they flexible and are they competitive with their prices.

There is no doubt, this trend will continue and the number of online sales are increasing rapidly.

The market for online shopping offers many possibilities and flexibility for the consumers, and today it is crucial to be a part of it if you do not want to lose customers.