Improve your productivity with a custom software.

Improve your productivity with a custom software.

Have you ever stopped to think about how much time you spend doing tasks that can be automated? There are many companies working without stopping to analyse the time they spent in their daily actions, and this eventually causes the loss of competitiveness.

There are a lot of tasks that inevitably we have to do in our businesses. And although eventually we could learn how to make them faster, there are other alternatives that would save us even more time and effort.

Tasks like searching in the agenda our free days to arrange meetings with our customers or suppliers, or directly not to have the agenda near us and use others papers, it makes possible that we misplace some information.

Another aspect in which we invest more time than we would like, it is to deal with bills and invoices, in order to send them all to the company that carries all this process. The fact of having to collect all the bills and keep them in order to control the management of our business, is one of the heaviest tasks.

To summary, we are talking about tasks that has always been done manually, using agendas, filing cabinets and all kind of help, but so far you have not realise that they could be made more simply with a computer program.

Technology makes our life easier to limits that we can’t even imagine. We don’t realise the amount of time we could save with the help of a customized informatic program.


Some of the advantages that a custom software can provide us are:

  1. Easiest schedule and shifts for worker’s management.
  2. Virtual agenda to organize in a better way our appointments with clients/patients and find them more easily.
  3. Customer’s loyalty, with automatic mailings with offers, or even programmed congratulations for the birthday of each one.
  4. Make more easy the administrative tasks, limiting the management of our business to only send all invoices through a button.
  5. Full control of our stock of products, so that we can know when there are left a certain amount, or even make the orders to our suppliers automatically.
  6. Cover any need related to the repetition of processes or that can be covered through a computer application.


All these advantages are just an example of what a good computer programming Company can do to improve our Company. The list can be as long as you want, depending on what each business needs.

It is often not easy to know what kind of management program we need for our company, or how a computer program can make us more productive and efficient. Therefore, companies like Asystem España has a free consulting service that analyses all these processes in search of all these needs that can be solve with a custom software.