Software til apoteker

Optimize the performance of your pharmacy with the advantages of our software

Why a software for Pharmacies?

We are aware that there are many software tools designed for the internal management of a pharmacy. However, they are very limited because none of them gives you the ability to manage and optimize the tasks you have to perform along with your external partners, such as our best customers, our advisor, delegates and representatives of laboratories, shops around us, suppliers or even relationships with other pharmacies.

This raises FarmaSolution, integrated and accessible from the cloud, without installation or maintenance of any type.


Our software does not require installation

Advantages of Software for your Pharmacy or Health Clinic

Controlling a pharmacy, orthopedics or health clinic is not just about having control of the stock we keep in the warehouse or the cash we make each day. FarmaSolution integrates many facilities that will help the pharmacy to manage their day to day and improving its results, among which:

  • Corporate Web.
  • Blog to promote events and offers.
  • Online shop.
  • Invoices management.
  • Managing online orders.
  • Calendar, controlling the visits of delegates and laboratories.

Ask us for an online demo of our service and advise you on our software adapted to pharmacies, orthopedics and health clinics.


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