Websites, as important as the showcase of your business

Websites, as important as the showcase of your business

Only 49% of websites that belongs to companies,  are adapted to mobile design, a disturbing fact considering that Google has started to penalize in position to those who do not adapt to any device, like a computer, tablet or Smartphone.

Nobody doubts that preserve the image of a company is important. But this is not only about having our place clean and everything tidy.

Importance of web design.

Your web is as important as your showcase.

Nowadays, the real world and the virtual world are more and more equated. And users know our company both physically and virtually. For this reason, the image that we show them through our web page must be equal to, or even better than what whe show them in our store. The online presence is becoming much more important than the offline one.

Time has shown that the websites are excellent tool sales and a good way to promote any type of business or product, especially if we look at it cost in relation to their benefit.

Thanks to advances in technology, web design have had a huge evolution in recent years, and the websites today can be just like we imagine them: photographs, animations, videos, music and even any effect.

Let’s imagine that when you meet a person, you have the opportunity to be how you want, higher or shorter, with light or dark hair, whatever. This is absolutely possible in the web. The first impression is usually the most important, so we have to take care of it.

94% of visitors rejects or feel uncertain of a Web site just because of its appearance!

For this reason, there are companies that take care of all this kind of services, like Asystem España. Not only services about web design and appearance to customers, but also for your website to look attractive to Internet search engines, improving your position on searches.

Being on the Internet today is almost basic, but have quality presence does not seems to be simple. Therefore, companies such as Asystem can be a great ally in facing this task. Not only by having an attractive design, but by caring more specific aspects that will carry our web page a step above the rests:

  • Responsive design, making that our website can be viewed from any device (mobile, PC, Tablet). Diseño responsivo, haciendo que nuestra web se pueda visualizar desde cualquier dispositivo (móvil, PC, Tablet).
  • Online marketing campaigns. Positioning in Google, SEO and SEM.
  • Having a website with articles of interests.
  • Good maintenance of the web.Buen mantenimiento de la web.
  • Integration, configuration and monitoring of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Internet is growing, and be visible on the web is becoming more and morecomplicated. Find a good partner for this adventure and  reach a large audience over other websites