“Custom or standard, which software is better for my company?”

This is a question that many businesses ask themselves when choosing the most beneficial software program for them.

As we discussed in the previous entry, many companies decide to implement a management software to increase their competitive advantage.

But… which option is the most appropriate?

Firstly, from Asystem España, we will describe each of them.

What is a custom software?

It is software that integrates with the management systems already established and consolidated by the company.

Typically, this type of system is implemented by companies with a specific need and who are looking for good software to solve it.

This software is perfect for companies that do not require many general functions that could hinder its operation and learning.

And that is the main problem with standard software.


  • 100% personalized for your company, making it much more productive and efficient than a standard program.
  • Exclusive use.
  • Excellent value for money.
  • It is ideal for companies that have clear needs.
  • It blends in with your current system.


  • Requires a thorough analysis and definition of your business model.
  • Its implementation requires time.

What is a standard software?

Standard software is a generic software that has already been created to solve multiple tasks. The problem is that the company will usually only use some of its functions, and other functions may be less useful or even hinder the system’s performance. In general, it is software that does not fully adapt to the company’s needs.


  • Almost immediate implementation.
  • Much cheaper than a custom software.


  • Functions with little usability.
  • Pre-established program.
  • No cross-platform programs.
  • Restrictions for use.
  • It does not allow custom adaptations, so you have to adapt your business to it.

What do we recommend?

Comparing the price of a custom software versus a standard software is unthinkable.

However, you need to evaluate the cost that adapting your company to this standard software would entail.

If the needs of your business cannot be met by using standard software, the most recommended option for your company is to hire a custom software service.

At Asystem España, we want your company to increase its productivity, so a custom software is the solution you are looking for.

We, Asystem España, are specialists in custom software development with almost 10 years of experience in PHP, .NET, JAVA, etc.

Contact us and we will provide you with a quote without obligation.

Credits: Image by Freepik.

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