Do you know about outsourcing as a resource?

If you are not familiar with the concept of outsourcing, don’t worry, here we will give you a brief summary of what it means and its benefits.

Outsourcing of services, also known as “outsourcing“, is defined as the delegation of activities that are specific to a company to another company, specialized in the same or a different sector, in order to cover specific needs.

If done efficiently, outsourcing has many advantages.

Currently, it is a highly sought-after practice, as it reduces costs, improves competitiveness and profitability.

Why should I use outsourcing?

By outsourcing a specific project or service, which is carried out in your company on an occasional basis or is not profitable because it would require more personnel, this contracted company will be responsible for carrying out these functions, which are not profitable for your company, increasing its profitability, improving competitiveness and reducing costs.

In addition, the quality and attention to your customers will be increased by having a company dedicated solely to them.

Outsourcing is a strategic decision that requires an analysis of the processes carried out in the company.

The set of activities carried out in the company must be studied to determine which are the most suitable for outsourcing.

Outsourcing allows the company’s personnel to focus on other functions that may be more necessary.

Is outsourcing the same as subcontracting?

No, let us explain why.

In outsourcing, you work as a team with your company towards the same predetermined goals.

In this case, even though it is decentralized, there is supervision of the project or service.

On the other hand, a subcontracted company has its own objective and way of working, in which there would be no control.

That is, outsourcing is requested to cover certain specific needs that the company has.

For example, a specific project.

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